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Wide selection of services offered


Gardens are always unique to each client, the common denominator is low maintenance.

Curb appeal…. to your backyard retreat… maybe a herb or plant to attract butterflies…

Focal points, shade and pleasant transitions. Be assure that no garden is truly maintenance free, but large blocks of the same colour and texture will eventually eliminate mulches and weeding.

We provide sustainable gardening practices. Arrange for your Maintenance Consultation to provide services that meet your needs!

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Wood Structures

We have a long list of journeymen carpenters and it’s part of the business we seem to be asked.

Having moved more towards composites for decking, stairs and landing projects for longevity and maintenance control. Our garden shed, gazebos open arbor roofs and pergolas continues to grow and becomes an important part of our business. We provide interesting entrance gates and all of our wood accents are custom design built

Arrange for your Design Consultation to provide services that meet your needs!

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Brick Installations

Brick pavers are on of the best choices for driveways to the front door, enhance your curb appeal!

We will insure the area is well drained and has a compacted base, we are a firm believer in 80mm paver in large scale a must for your driveway.

Remember the new pavers are clean, tight fitting lines, and with the new grout and sealers today it will give you a great appearance all year long.

Have us give you a quote!

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Natural Stone

We are artisans working with natural stone, today’s most popular landscaping choice. Choose between Old World elegance, Country Charm or a Classic Look. We can build whatever your heart desires, from serene garden pathways, retaining walls, or an inviting patio and wall; From formal steps to a graceful transition down a hill or a terraced landscape

We will capture and enhance the beauty found in nature. A high level of service provided.

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Water & Landscape Features

Your Outside Paradise. We can design and create beautiful low maintenance, cost effective water gardens, maybe an endless river or a decorative fountain. People don’t sit in there gardens for hours on end watching there flowers grow, when your feeding the fish or just watching the birds splash in your waterfall maybe just listening to the beautiful sounds of the babbling brook your experiencing a lifestyle where you Live. Your Paradise. At Home!

Let us help you create that escape place that beckons you outdoors where the stress just melts away.

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Specialty Projects

Offering Silvaculture this area falls under forestry management for wood lots, restoration of wetlands areas, and walking trails. Tree Care Programs to insure the overall health of mature trees.

Custom design wood features for arbors, pergolas or open air roofs.

Stone or wood benches, playgrounds residential and commercial or maybe a greenhouse.

We are licensed for renovations of septic or new installs. Excavating services are available for all your needs. We also provide home deliveries of quality soils and mulches

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Snow & Ice Control

We are mainly commercial contractors with a 30 year history managing in HRM for Capital Health Hospital locations, Canadian Coastguard, Federal post offices, and Seven Lakes Development by Penney Group.

We are reliable and safety conscious, trained in use of salt and brines.

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Providing Quality Services since 1979

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